On Spirituality and Rituals – CultSense Learning Module 2

In the second CultSense Learning Module, we address the topic of Spirituality: The Everyday Presence of Sacred Places, Rituals and Practices.

What do we know about sacred spaces?

Do we have an idea of ​​the diversity of traditions and religious beliefs in our living environment?

It is important to raise such questions and generate discussions and debates. This is the aim of this learning module, where a better understanding of the practices and rituals in a cultural context is fostered, considering themes relating to space, the sacred and spirituality within our community and as well as with other communities.

This module provides you with specific learning objectives, a context on the topic, activities and resources.

The Learning Module is an open access tool that students and teachers can use in planning classes on spirituality and tourism, culture and religiosity, religious tourism, cultural and religious manifestations, cultural practices and rituals, among others.

You can connect more about this topic in the other resources available from the CultSense project:

  • A video that tells the legend of Saint George and the celebrations of the day in Catalonia:
  • For reading, we suggest two Case Studies, one about the ritual of Saunas in Finland, and another one on three sacred spaces in Catalonia and their relationship with tourism:
  • As inspiration, we also share a video by Tiu De Haan, on “Why we still need ritual”: