Conference Bridging Cultures Through Travel

We are very happy to invite all to our final conference, in June 14-15 2023, taking place at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. Please see below our Call for Papers, with deadline for submission 15 February 2023. Detailed information about the student workshop and video competition will follow shortly. Registrations will be open from October 2022 in the ATLAS website.

Bridging Cultures through Travel: From theory to practice 

Conference by CultSense Project & ATLAS SIG Cultural Tourism 

Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands  

14-15 June 2023 

Call for papers 

How can travel encourage cultural sensitivity? In a post-pandemic world, travel and tourism have been regaining popularity. With this regained popularity comes a renewed pressure on local hosts and sites because of increasing visiting numbers. Can cultural sensitivity be a tool to mitigate tensions between hosts and visitors? For the last two years, the CultSense project (CultSense – Sensitizing Young Travellers for Local cultures, has focused on addressing this question. In this conference, a joint venture of CultSense and the ATLAS Special Interest Group on Cultural Tourism,  we will further explore ways to bridge cultures via travel. Can cultural sensitivity be a competence that (tourism) education can work with? How can travel impact students and visitors’ knowledge and skills? In which ways can touristic experiences function as a means to bridge cultures? We are also interested in exploring how (local) cultural and artistic expressions contribute to, and benefit from culturally sensitive practices. We invite participants to submit their abstract in one of four streams:  

  1. Educational Experiences 
  1. Academic Research  
  1. Cases  
  1. Posters 

We invite the submission of papers, cases and posters, which can relate to the following sub-themes including (but not limited to): 

  1. Cultural sensitivity and travelling 
  • Cultural sensitivity  
  • Intangible cultural experiences
  • Social media for cultural sensitivity  
  • Mobile Cultures   
  • Empathy and emotions in travel 
  • Multiple Belongings 
  • Tourism encounters and emotions 
  • Popular cultural expressions (music, festivals, dance, etc.) 
  • Tangible and intangible heritage 
  • Mindful tourism 
  1. Student experiences and (intercultural) tourism education 
  • Intercultural education and communication 
  • Bridging cultures through education 
  • Enabling change makers and ambassadors for change 
  • Erasmus / international exchanges 
  1. Bridging cultures 
  • Art and gastronomy as a bridge for cultures 
  • Cultural Institutions and bridging cultures 
  • Spirituality for Bridging (religious) cultures 
  • Diversity and Inclusivity 
  • (Destination) Marketing, Place Branding as a bridge between cultures 

The main language of the conference will be English, but to encourage linguistic diversity we will also be welcoming panels in other languages. If you want to organize a panel in language other than English, please do get in touch with us at . Within the conference, we will host student panels as well as a video competition. Details will be made available on the CultSense website soon! 

Abstracts (200-250 words) should be submitted until the 15 February 2023. Abstract submission will be open on the ATLAS Website from October 2022. 

Please note that we are exploring the possibility of a special issue and a book with reputed publishers. 


Organising committee: 

Lénia Marques, Siri Driessen, Greg Richards, Maria del Pilar Leal, Fernanda Rodríguez