Creating Cultural Understanding Through Travel. CultSense Case Collection

In this first case studies collection, the readers are welcome to delve more deeply into different themes and cases related to Cultural Sensitivity in travelling.


Introduction: Cultural Sensitivity in Tourism Encounters
Emotions, Culture & Tourism
Mixed Feelings: Emotional Experiences in War Tourism
De Wallen, Amsterdam’s Red Light District – Case study
Tastes of Culture
Gastronomy as a Bridge for Understanding Local Cultures
Gastronomy as Local Identity: The Case of Sarrabulho in the Minho
Spirituality & Sacred Sites
Culture in a Grain of Sand: Finnish Sauna Bathing
Feeling Religious Heritage Sites in Tourism
Engaging with Local Cultures
Erasmus Mobility as a Culture-led Experience: Opportunities for Sensitizing Young Travellers
Experiencing a Region’s Beauty via a Cultural Route: Via Transilvanica

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The ebook is free to use, and was published under a creative commons license, with the exception of a few images.

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