Engaging with Local Cultures – CultSense Learning Module 5

The fifth and last Cultsense Learning Module focuses on the benefits that may result from tourists engaging with the local cultures. More specifically, it aims attention at two types of interactions of tourists with the local culture: a cultural route and Erasmus mobilities.

A range of benefits are pointed out, which include personal but also business related motivations. The module looks into discussing ways to enhance the touristic experience or the improvement of intercultural competence, as well as to social impact related to the development of local or regional economies. The local cultures’ perspective is an integral part of this module which can contribute to a complete learning experience.

The Learning Module is an open access tool recommended for students and lecturers with interests in tourism, culture, study mobility, cultural sensitivity, local and regional development, among others.

The module uses CultSense-produced resources such as:

Different activities to achieve the desired learning objectives and assessment is also included to facilitate the use of these tools in an integrated manner.