CultSense Pedagogical Toolkit

Over the last two years, the CultSense team and many students have been busy creating, testing, and adjust tools that can be used in many contexts, in particular in the Higher Education classrooms of TLC (Tourism, Leisure and Culture) programmes. This Pedagogical Toolkit is a comprehensive result of that work that we are sharing to support other professionals and students in their cultural sensitive practices.

“The CultSense Pedagogical Toolkit provides a wide selection of materials for teachers to work Cultural Sensitivity, in particular in mobility contexts. Although aimed primarily at the fields of Tourism, Leisure and Culture, the tools can be adapted to a range of topics.”

Among others, the tools include:

  • self-reflection for teachers
  • instruments that allow to inform better on what is the situation in class and potentially the degree of change in intercultural awareness
  • a reflection with theoretical underpinning on cultural sensitivity
  • tips for a more inclusive classroom
  • descriptions and links to CultSense tools such as Videos, Case Studies, and Learning modules
  • Learning objectives and assessment
  • descriptive list of tools and other resources that can be used.

The CultSense Pedagogical Toolkit is not without its limitations. We realise that there are many other examples from other parts of world, as there also are other valid ways to work with cultural sensitivity. This toolkit is just another milestone in that path, because, as we wrote in the introduction:

“The world is wide, human beings are creative and there is nothing better than growing by understanding the Self and the Other better, while moving in the world and looking at different cultures, including your own and the one just around the corner.

We wish you wonderful journeys!”