Join us: “Challenges and new solutions in tourism and leisure education”, 09-2021

In another collaboration, CultSense is co-organising special track 6 of the ATLAS conference, virtually hosted by AMBIS, in Prague, on 7-10 September 2021. Stimulated by the ATLAS Special Interest Group on Business Tourism, and in cooperation with the projects INCOME Tourism and Next Tourism Generation (NTG), we offer a panel discussion and a workshop on the theme “Challenges and new solutions in tourism and leisure education”.

This special track is meant for teachers in tourism, hospitality, event and leisure management and researchers with an interest in pedagogy and curriculum design, as well as for practitioners from the industry with an interest in developing education. In the special track delegates discuss what to consider when designing education in a post-pandemic situation. Key themes include sustainability, employability, resilience, innovation and digital adoption.

The session will start with a panel discussion, followed by an overview of recent insights by the above mentioned projects. The session is collaborative and includes a workshop that requires active participation. The purpose is to work together and identify the future skillset needed in a changing operational tourism and leisure environment.

This special track is different from the other tracks. We invite participants to share best practices from curriculum design and from teaching in tourism and leisure degree programs.

Join us at the ATLAS Annual Conference 2021!

Credits: Prague photo by Kelsey Curtis on Unsplash