3 students and 1 project, blogpost by Jonas, Wilperi and Fredrik

Who are Jonas Lehtinen, Wilperi Jalonen, Fredrik Ulfstedt?

“We are three Bachelor’s students of Business Administration at Novia University of Applied Sciences, who participated in several tourism courses during the academic year 2020-2021.”

They have engaged in a journey with CultSense and have embraced the project, contributing to its development, content and educational purpose. In their lovely blogpost, posted at NOVIA, they share their perspective and discoveries. CultSense is grateful for their video about experiencing the beautiful Finnish archipelago

“The most exciting CultSense project for us was probably creating a video set in the Finnish archipelago. The archipelago for all three of us is a place where we grew up (…). In the film project we worked together with two German exchange students and (…) (it) made us realize that what is everyday life to us can be a unique tourism experience for a nature-loving traveller.”

And as future (tourism) professionals and visitors to other places, the most important lesson is something we all should remember:

our travel destination is the home of local people.”

You can read the full blogpost here.