Video Webinar “Fostering Culturally-sensitive practices in Tourism”

The webinar “Fostering culturally-sensitive practices in tourism” was webinar co-organised by the projects CultSense and ARCTISEN, with the support of ATLAS on 7th October 2021. Both these projects aim at increasing awareness and contribute to best practices in regards to cultural sensitivity, understanding that we all have our role to make travelling the world a richer experience by valuing the culture around us – our own and that of others.

The webinar took the debate on cultural sensitivity forward by presenting research, industry insights, and by highlighting the critical role of tourism professionals to a more sustainable and responsible tourism around the world.  Practical examples were shared of how cultural sensitivity can be nurtured and enhanced, leading to a real intercultural dialogue about respecting local cultures and traditions.

Guests: Monika Lüthje, Emily Höckert, Melanie Smith, Silvia Aulet, Alexandra Correia, Cecilia de Bernardi, Diana Zuluaga, Edda Falk, Lénia Marques