CultSense Edu – Sharing Educational Insights, nr.1

Our project has been developing for nearly two years, and our reflections on cultural sensitivity, youth and travel started much before this. The CultSense Edu reports aim at providing insights specifically into the educational aspects of CultSense.

Our aim with CultSense Edu – Sharing Educational Insights is to share a reflection and insider’s view on the processes more than on the outcomes in such a way that these insights can be used by other Higher Education professionals.

In this first issue, carefully prepared by Mihai Tichindelean, Cosmin Tileagă, Carlos Fernandes & Lénia Marques, and skillfully designed by Gianella Bonilla, we invite you to read about:

  • the process of using the creation of videos in the classroom as a mechanism to increase awareness for different cultures;
  • the use of interactive webinars organised by students for students;
  • the development and implementation of staff training, with exchanges that stimulate more awareness and knowledge about the topic.

If you feel inspired and would like to share your insights, or would like to know more details, please don’t hesitate to contact the CultSense team. We will happy to share and learn with you!