CultSense Webinar Series

The CultSense team has invited experts and students to participate in the discussion about cultural sensitivity in travel. The goal is to open up the discussion to a broader audience. Each of the three seminars in the first quarter of 2023 will have a different focus and guests and we will announce them closer to the date.

For now, we invite you to include these webinars in your calendar and join us on zoom:

17th January

15th February

15th March

Dr Silvia Aulet and her team from the University of Girona are the hosts for these events, in collaboration with other universities of the CultSense Project team.

These discussions will be a good warm-up to our conference on Bridging Cultures Through Travel: Between Theory in Practice, 14-15 June 2023 in Rotterdam!

Access Details:

Meeting ID: 385 192 8811